XM177 Pistol Brace Body Kit



Designed to have the profile and features of the original Aluminum, vinyl acetate coated, Colt carbine stock used on the XM177, XM177E2, and SP1 carbines. This pistol brace can be used just like the KAC shockwave brace. You can use your sling to wrap around your forearm.

This comes as a “brace body only” you will need to provide your own pin, spring, lever, & nut. I find that a cheap butt stock from somewhere like cdnnsports.com works best.

These are 3D printed on demand so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Most will ship sooner.

Some of the photos show a fully assembled brace with hardware from a generic M4 stock. This hardware is NOT INCLUDED!

These pistol braces may require some hand fitting. Sanding or filing as needed to fit your Mil Spec receiver extension. Not all Mil Spec tubes are exactly the same diameter. These will not fit commercial size tubes. Sanding and painting is a great idea just use paints designed to adhere to plastics. Krylon Fusion paints are known to work well with ASA but there are many choices out there that will also work.

Link to update video on my site. https://youtu.be/D1jYpO1KArU?si=lbiSOg1ByJLzKRdw

Please note, these have not been sent to the ATF for approval and I have no plans to do so. They follow other brace designs and vary only in their side profile to have a certain look. Use at your own risk.