The Entrée Stock Body



The Entrée stock body, based off the RRA Entry stock, but longer!

5/8″ longer to be exact.

Also includes in-stock storage. While the storage is not as large as an A2 stock, you gotta ask yourself, how many Skittles does one man need anyways?

3D printed in heat resistant ASA filament.

You will need additional parts to finish this build.

Doublestar A2 Shorty buffer tube.

A2 spacer and screw.

Sling swivel (A1, A2, M4 are all the same, just the screw is different)

A2 sling swivel screw.

The most important part! The butt plate. This stock body is designed to use Colt or other MIL-SPEC butt plates ONLY! It will accommodate A1 or A2 butt plates, aftermarket butt plates will not fit without modification.

If the butt plate does not fit flush without forcing it, YOU WILL BREAK THE STOCK BODY!

Last picture shows installation with A1 butt plate.