N-23S Pistol Brace



Based off the fantasy build done by Dave Merrill in 2017, https://www.recoilweb.com/the-pdw-that-never-was-car-15-model-n-23-131167.html .

This pistol brace is designed to use the less expensive LWRCI Ultra Compact Individual Weapon stock kit, which is one inch shorter than a regular carbine buffer tube. https://www.lwrci.com/LWRCI-UCIW-Stock-Kit-_p_38.html

Make yourself an awesome N23 pistol clone or shorty pistol build.

3D Printed using ASA for heat resistance and durability.

This is based off a shortened version of my XM177 pistol brace. The S is for smooth!

Comes as a brace body only and uses regular AR15 carbine stock hardware.


Please note, these have not been sent to the ATF for approval and I have no plans to do so. They follow other brace designs and vary only in their side profile to have a certain look. Use at your own risk.

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